Side Gig to Six Figures

How to market and grow your dream business

A 12-week online program for women



You’ve got what it takes.

That business idea of yours—it just won’t go away, will it? Maybe you’ve been playing small. Or ignoring the nudge altogether, hoping it will go away.

It’s pesky and persistent, this dream of yours. That’s because it’s real and has the potential to change your life. You can create a thriving, profitable business. You just need a guide to show you the way.

    Hi, I’m Jen!

    I never dreamed I could run a business. Don’t you need an MBA? Or at least an ounce of business sense? I was a writer, after all! But deep inside I had a passion and wanted to do what I loved for a living. So I went for it—and it changed everything.

    I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in two decades as a marketing professional and over a decade of owning my own business and created a roadmap just for you.

    12 power-packed (and super fun) weeks

    Coming your way Fall 2020

    Bite-sized LEARNING

    Engaging weekly teaching videos & worksheets

    Expert Advice

    Supercharge your growth with guidance from pros


    Tips, tools, and downloads that will propel you forward


    Easy steps to stay on track & make real progress


    Learn when you can with no pressure

    This program’s for you if…

    • You’re overwhelmed at the thought of running a business
    • Investing in yourself feels selfish or even risky
    • You crave freedom and creative control in your work
    • You’re scared of failing or risking your family’s finances
    • You feel like a fraud or have imposter syndrome
    • Selling feels smarmy and you don’t know how to do it
    • Juggling motherhood and business seems impossible
    • You have no idea where to even start

    Picture life on your own terms

    A taste of what we’ll cover:


    Business Owner Basics

    • Crushing overwhelm & fear of failure
    • Issues like health insurance, legal, bookkeeping
    • Building your team

    Branding & Clients

    • What makes a great business name, logo & story
    • Discovering who your ideal client is & how to reach them
    • How to create a brand people will love & remember


    • Setting up an irresistible website
    • Social media best practices & shortcuts
    • Self-promoting without feeling smarmy
    LESSON 1: Clearing Your Path to Success: Ditching the Head Trash

    You know what’s likely holding you back most from creating the life you’re craving? You. Together we’ll dive into how to overcome mental hurdles so you can grow an unstoppable business.

    LESSON 2: Dreaming Big & Creating the Life You Want

    The most successful people out there spend most of their time in their sweet spots—that place where joy, talent, and customer needs meet. We’ll dial in on what your sweet spot is and how you can leverage it.

    LESSON 3: Tackling the Nitty Gritty

    The smallest details are sometimes the most potent—and overlooked—when it comes to running a successful business. Let’s talk through some of the nitty gritty that matters most. 

    LESSON 4: Get to Know (and Love) Your Ideal Client

    The number one mistake I see businesses make is forging ahead without spending time identifying and getting to know their ideal client. Let’s get to know and love the folks who are going to love you and your business! 

    LESSON 5: Building an Irresistible Brand

    One way or another, your business is going to stand for something. Crafting a strategic and memorable brand identity can make all the difference.

    LESSON 6: It’s All About the Words: Business Name & Brand Messaging

    When we think of a brand, logos often come to mind first. But words are critical, too! Identifying your brand story and telling it consistently and clearly creates customer trust and makes you memorable. 

    LESSON 7: Digital Marketing is Easier Than You Think

    From social media to video to emails to blogging and so much more, digital marketing can feel super overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to! We’ll look at simple tips and doable tactics for staying on top of your marketing game without losing your mind. 

    LESSON 8: Creating a Website That Drives Sales

    Your business needs a website that accurately represents your brand and business, draws customers in, and drives action. Learn what it takes to create a website that does all of this—and wows customers to boot! 

    LESSON 9: Email Marketing

    Email marketing can be a super powerful engine that fuels your business success! Learn how you can leverage this simple medium to nurture relationships and encourage sales.

    LESSON 10: Social Media

    There’s no doubt that social media isn’t a mouth to feed. But with a little planning, you can create a system for doing it consistently and well—and the rewards can be great! 

    LESSON 11: Content is Still King

    Creating great content isn’t rocket science, but it IS a surefire way to connect with your ideal clients, serve them well, and establish authority. 

    LESSON 12: Thriving in Your Entrepreneurial Game

    In order for your business to thrive, you need to thrive, too!  Learn how to take care of you and surround yourself with the right people to maximize growth.

    No more playing small

    I played small for years, not investing or believing in myself. But once I jumped in and started implementing the steps I teach in this program, my income grew from $17K to 6 figures in less than 12 months—while only working part-time and taking care of my kiddos. That’s not a #humblebrag. It’s proof that you can do this!

    Growing a thriving business isn’t luck or rocket science—it’s just little, strategic steps to make your big dreams come true.

    “I was so overwhelmed about where to begin with starting my business, but I walked away with next steps and a plan.”

    Cheryl Mitchell, program participant

    “Jen breaks down the overwhelming process of starting your own business, moving you closer to your dream. What a treasure she offers to learn from her—alongside other women—so we don’t feel alone on our journey.”

    Beth Jones, program participant

    “Jen delivers a mountain of useful information in small, manageable bites. With the step-by-step format, she takes the guesswork and fear out of growing a successful business.”

    Amber Grim, program participant

    “Jen’s expert knowledge and spirit of enthusiasm make this class the perfect on-ramp to creating my dream job. She helped me see the big picture while guiding me through the sequential steps to start, launch, and grow my business. I’m sure this course saved me time and money by avoiding so many rookie mistakes.”

    Jessica Green, program participant

    A risk-free investment in yourself

    I’ve been on the fence before, and it’s no fun. You’re chasing a passion, but you want to be smart about it. I want you to be able to enter into this program with full confidence. That’s why I offer a straightforward money back guarantee and want to be 100% upfront about what you can realistically expect to get out of this program.

    What if I can't keep up or fall behind?

    This is a learn-at-your-own-pace program. There’s zero pressure to keep up!

    How many hours a week should I commit?

    If you stick with the weekly lessons and action steps, plan on carving out 2-4 hours per week for learning and doing. But many women choose to go slower or faster, depending on life situation and circumstance.

    What if I haven't started my business yet?

    No worries! We’ll touch on honing your sweet spot, and once you narrow in, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

    Will I interact with you and other students?

    Yes! That’s part of the beauty of this program. You’ll be invited into a private Facebook group to interact with the other female business-builders and me. Plus we’ll hold live office hours and happy hour online!

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