Big dreams just take small steps.

Now’s your chance.

Live life on your terms

You crave a life of flexibility and freedom, where you call the shots and set the terms. Sound out of reach? It’s not. Starting a business might sound terrifying. But I can promise it’s easier than you think.

Together we can do this.

From side gig to six figures

Turning your passions into profit isn’t rocket science. It’s just a series of small steps that lead to big results. 

12-Week Business-Build

Sept. 23 – Dec. 13, 2019
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Ladies, together we’ll go step-by-step to build the business of your dreams (and we’ll have a ton of fun along the way).

  • Weekly teaching videos
  • Private Facebook group
  • Accountability & community
  • Online happy hours

Online Courses

Coming in 2020!

Want (or need) to bootstrap it and do your own marketing? Stay tuned for downloadable teaching that you can access at any time, any place. We’ll cover topics like branding, social media, building a platform, and how to self-promote (without feeling smarmy).

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Bite-sized teaching videos
  • Helpful worksheets & tips
  • Easy-to-implement marketing expertise

There’s only one you. And the world needs what you have to offer.

“So many women feel like I was feeling…you want to step out, but don’t know where to start, or struggle in certain areas. Jen’s approach makes it feel so doable, and her personal success inspires you to say, ‘I can do it, too!’”

12-Week Business-Build Participant

“Jen has empowered and encouraged us to pursue our dreams. And it’s been wonderful to learn alongside and network with fellow entrepreneurs.”

12-Week Business-Build participant

Jen offers a thorough foundation for getting ready to start a business. The format is convenient and user-friendly…It gave me that extra boost to feel confident at moving forward.”

12-Week Business-Build participant

“This is a GREAT resource for budding entrepreneurs, because it’s broken down into manageable parts that make sense”

12-Week Business-Build participant

You were made for more.

When Life Throws Curveballs

You know that feeling. Life seems fine one moment and the next thing you know, the rug has been pulled out from under you. You’re flat on your butt and wondering “what the heck just happened?!”

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Planning a Personal Retreat

Life has a way of wearing us down. Even when things are going great, the day-to-day takes a toll. And for many of us, daily life includes extra challenges like loved ones with physical or emotional struggles, financial problems, health issues, strong-willed kiddos,...

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Eating White Castle with Benny Golson

It wasn’t the filet mignon I’d had my heart set on. But that evening turned out to be one incredible night, greasy sliders and all. As a fresh-faced college grad, one of my first jobs was in arts marketing at an Indiana university. SInce I was the newbie, I was often...

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